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We sell a range of FFP2 disposable masks.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). RPE is designed to protect the wearer from breathing in harmful substances. The FFP2 masks offers P2 level of protection against particles. Take a look at our FFP2 mask collection below.

Particles come in various forms of hazardous substances. See examples below from HSE publication HSG53 Respiratory protective equipment at work.

Solid Particles

Particles of solid material, including aerosols, dusts, fibres, smokes and fume

Examples: Asbestos dust, engine exhaust particles and fume, lead dust and fume, stone dust, welding fume, wood dust, smoke, fungal spores and parasites, bacteria and viruses, flour, liquid particles,

Liquid Particles

Fine sprays, mists and aerosols made up of small droplets of liquid

Examples: Sprayed liquids: paints, pesticides, powder coating mix, liquid jetting. Mists: chrome acid, cutting fluids, oil mist.


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