Portacount Machines

Portacount Machines

Our sister company, Training and Testing Services, have been using portacount machines for years. Not only do they use them for quantitative face fit testing, but they are 1 of only 8 companies in the whole of the UK who are approved by fit2fit to deliver quantitative face fit test training.

Known in the industry as ambient particle counting devices, these machines are used to quantitatively test respirators. The PortaCount Fit Tester comes with various model options. More recently, TSI launched the portacount 8040 and the portacount 8048 models. Both of which come with a tablet option (8040T and 8048T).

Portacount is the brand name of some ambient particle counting devices, AccuFit is rapidly becoming another well known brand of ambient particle counting device and offers an excellent alternative option. The AccuFit is a firm favourite of our team at Training and Testing Services Ltd due to the easy to use software and reporting system. Whatever your choice, there is an APC device for you.

For details of all the ambient particle counting devices that we sell, please click on the link below for further details, obtain a quote or contact us for more help and information.

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