Face Fit Test Kits

Face fit test kits have been in short supply during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a face fit testing company, Training & Testing Services trained and tested thousands of people in the last 6 months. From NHS trusts, private hospitals, hospices and care homes, through to NHS dentists, private dentists and local authorities.

Demand For Face Fit Test Kits

Never before have we seen the demand for our services and supplies. Sadly, the knock-on effect of this, was that the face fit test kits and all the consumable stocks were depleted.

Now for a face fit testing company, that is an impossible situation. But, in the middle of a respiratory pandemic, that is absolutely dire. The demand for face fit testing kits far outweighed the supply. This in turn meant, that there were no testing kits available for those who needed it on the frontline.

Test Kit Consumables

The component parts which make up a test kit; nebulisers, hoods and solutions (whether it be Bitrex - the bitter tasting solution, or Saccharin - the sweet tasting solution) where not being produced fast enough to satisfy the demand. As a company we sold a years worth of supplies in just 4 weeks.

The choices for face fit testing during this time was limited and without face fit test kits or supplies we turned to the use of the portacount machine. A more accurate method of testing, the TSI portacount machine came into its own at the height of the pandemic. Many of our customers purchased machines and training.

Numerous NHS trusts now have a combination of qualitative (taste test) and quantitative (portacount) test methods in place which is highly effective. The portacount still relies on a number of consumables including probes for disposable mask testing which are readily available in our shop.


During this time of unprecedented demand we were disgusted and disappointed to find people selling test kits on Ebay for 7 times their value! Even more distressing was that people were paying these prices as they had no alternative. It is a sad state of affairs when people put profits before safety. Sadly, it did not just apply to face fit test kits.

Supplies of genuine masks were impossible to find at the height of the pandemic, but the profiteers took to the likes of Ebay again selling their disposable masks for £70 for a box of 5. The lack of moral integrity from some people during this time was disturbing and we are proud that in spite of all the difficulties, we continue to charge real prices for all our products and only sell quality, tried and tested stock to our customers.

Bitrex and Saccharin

When stocks were low we were often asked the question about the different brands of test solution and whether it could be used in any test kit. The simple answer is yes. You can use any brand. The solution is not brand specific so you can use Moldex solution in the TTS (Alpha Solway) test kit and vice versa.

Test Kit Hood

Current supplies of face fit test kit hoods are still in limited supply. We have a stock of Alpha Solway hoods which we use in our TTS test kits. When conducting face fit testing our team of testers always have a spare hood, this minimises the risk of infection and means that the hoods can be easily cleaned in between tests. 

Test Kit Supplies

We are fortunate enough to now have a plentiful supply of test kits, solution and hoods. All with next working day delivery on orders placed by 11:30am. If you have any requirements feel free to browse our shop. Or contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.

In the meantime, take care, stay safe and follow the guidelines.