3 Best Sellers

Our 3 Best Sellers

We sell many products in our online shop at TTS Supplies. However, our 3 best sellers so far this year have to be the Alpha Solway 2530v, the Trend Airshield Pro and the Alpha S Mask.

What makes these products the 3 best sellers?

In our own experience there are many issues when it comes to face fit testing and people with beards. The Airshield Pro is a great option for that age old issue - facial hair. When it comes to FFP3 masks that offer a great fit, you can't go wrong with the Alpha Solway 2530v - consistently one of our best performing masks when used in face fit testing it is a great reliable option. However, not all masks fit all people and this is where the Alpha S mask comes in. Made specifically for smaller faces this mask has exceptional results when face fit tested. Don't just take our word for it, find out more below.

Trend Airshield Pro

The Airshield Pro is made by Trend. It is a PAPR. PAPR stands for - Powered Air Purifying Respirators. Powered Respirators or Powered Hoods as they are sometimes known, offer a suitable option for people with facial hair/beards and do not require a face fit test.

This particular respirator is great as it has all the workings in the helmet so no need for loose tubes or belts to secure the unit round your waist. It is less cumbersome than some other models and the price is amazing considering the performance you get.

The unit has APF20 and benefits from: 

  • Combination face-seal and hood to improve protection.
  • Motor positioned away from the sensitive area of the forehead to reduce noise and irritation.
  • Twin filters with efficiency of 98%.
  • Audible low battery warning.
  • Removable 8 hour Ni-MH battery

Interested in this product? Why not find out more in our online shop. All orders come with free delivery and in most cases this is next day!

 Alpha Solway 2530v

The Alpha Solway 2530v is made by Alpha Solway and manufactured in the UK. A fantastic all round mask suitable for various industries. The valved mask offers FFP3 protection. Consistently performing well during face fit testing this is our "go to" mask. There is no wonder this mask made it into our 3 best sellers list.

Not only does it offer a fantastic option for individuals and business alike but it is now on sale. The masks are sold in boxes of 10 and when ordering £100 worth will also come with free delivery.

The UK made mask benefits from:

  • Lightweight, cup shaped respirator
  • Low profile inhalation valve to reduce heat and moisture build up
  • Four point headstrap adjustment
  • Preformed nosebridge with additional nose clip for a secure fit
  • Features a full foam inner face seal for comfortable secure fit
  • Conforms to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 FFP3 NR

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Alpha S Mask

The Alpha S Mask is a fantastic mask and is made by Alpha Solway specifically for small faces. At the start of the pandemic, masks were in short supply. But what was a real issue in particular was a mask for small faces. 

This valved mask offers FFP3 level protection and has been been the best disposable mask for small faces. We see a high level of passes on small faces and it is this that makes the Alpha S mask a favourite. 

Sold in boxes of 5, this mask benefits from:

  • Designed to solve an industry wide problem - high performance respiratory protection for the smaller face
  • Unique full inner face seal
  • Preformed nosebridge removes the need for regular adjustment
  • Four point headstrap adjustment
  • Conforms to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 FFP3 NR

 Interested in this product? Why not find out more in our online shop.

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We are not surprised by the products that made it onto our 3 best sellers list. They are a great option and all our products can be purchased through our website. Why not pay us a visit and buy online today.